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László Polló: Performance controlling in SMEs A practical handbook for SME owners, managers, executives, organisers and controllers



What good is controlling in an SME?

Controlling is an essential basis for good management decisions. Without controlling, the managers just run the SME blindly. But a trained controller is a very expensive employee. This book will teach you everything you need in an SME – and you don’t even need to employ an expensive controller!

The book provides an introduction to the mysteries of SME controlling. In addition, he focuses on the development of the strategy. It shows 12 strategic analysis methods that can be used to successfully plan an SME’s strategy.

The book analyzes in detail the tax evasion trap in which many SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe struggle and shows the way out of it. It examines and plans sales from 4 different perspectives. It prioritizes seven types of special costs that help sales. It shows how to implement budget management for other overhead costs.

It provides detailed guidance on how an efficiently structured SME organization should be and how it should be regulated. It also deals with performance measurement, productivity reporting and performance pay.

The book describes the annual planning process. The process ended in a sales and financial model for the company in a spreadsheet. In the simulation model you can see the impact of various changes and imagined futures on profits, productivity, wages and other important indicators. By uploading the real data into the model, the company’s management dashboard can be created from it.

The author of the book

The book was written by László Polló, Effectsys’ senior consultant. He managed medium-sized companies with annual sales of 10-20 million euros for 15 years before becoming a consultant in 2003. Since then, he is the author of several economic books. His primary field of expertise is improving the productivity of medium-sized companies in Central and Eastern Europe. As a consultant, he reached more than a thousand companies directly or with his books. He regularly publishes in business journals and blogs. His video series is also about organizational development. With his book, you get three decades of experience in management, organization, planning and consulting.

More important data of the book

The book is available in spiral binding in a format of 210*297 mm. It has 216 pages and 61 tables and 20 figures to aid understanding. Its length is 626,000 characters and 12,000 lines. Gap-filling specialist book for controllers, owners and senior managers of SMEs.

Purchase of the book

This book can only be purchased here. The price is €63, the delivery in Europe €35; total: €98. Please fill the form below! We will send you a fee requester to your email address. After paying the fee we will deliver the book. The delivery time is usually 4-6 days.